What can I do to have my monitor color and output match your monitor color and output?

We use calibrated monitors and custom made printer profiles to insure the most accurate color possible.  We have an Eizo 27″ self-calibrating monitor as well as two LaCie’s that are calibrated with their own dedicated software and the Blue Eye Pro.


To achieve consistent color so that what you see on your monitor is what you get for output (whether printed by yourself or a company such as ours), you need to have a decent quality monitor which is calibrated with calibration software in conjunction with an external measurement device. Also, if you are making your own prints, it is essential that you use custom printer profiles. We recommend using the profiling services of Booksmart Studio.

Suggested basic monitor calibration settings:

• Gamma-2.2

• 6500 K

• Luminance-80 CD/m2 -100 CD/m2 (depends on monitor and ambient lighting)

For an advanced calibration program such as LaCie’s Blue Eye Pro:

• Blackpoint 0.0 CD/m2

• Chromatic Adaptation (Bradford)

• LUT Profile

• ICC-4