Digital Services

The most important aspect of the digital printing process is the digitizing of the image.

Many of our clients are using high resolution digital cameras and scanners, and therefore are providing high quality files which are ready to print.  Many artists need to have their original artwork scanned by us; we can easily reproduce any size up to 4 feet by 7 feet. There is only so much that can be done to make a poor quality digital file look good as printed output, so high quality digitizing is essential to the printing process.

Flatbed Scanning & Digital Capture

For flat artwork, whether it is a print, painting, illustration, map or historical document, it is essential to start with a very high resolution scan to record every subtle detail.


For pieces up to 17” x 22”, we would utilize a flatbed scanner. For pieces larger than this, we would digitize the image utilizing a Better Light scanning back in conjunction with North Light’s studio copy lights. We have found this set-up to be the absolute best way to reproduce oversize artwork.


Using either method of digitizing, we are capable of capturing your media in a manner that will record and reproduce both the smallest details and color rendition whether the piece is printed at the same size, enlarged or reduced.


View our scanning price list here.


Film Scanning

We no longer offer film scanning in house.  Our recommended source for high resolution drum scans is in Chatham, NY.  Please feel free to visit their website for more details,

Photo & Art Restoration

With the limitless tools in Photoshop, we can bring your damaged treasures back to life. Your tarnished artwork will be scanned, then meticulously retouched and printed for future enjoyment.


For maximum longevity of your original photographs and art, extra care must be taken with storage. You should use archival acid free boxes, envelopes and albums. Avoid excessive heat and humidty, especially found in basements and attics.


When your artwork has been subject to such issues such as water damage, tearing, mold,etc., schedule an appointment for a free consultation and quote. The possibilities are amazing.