Frequently Asked Questions

Below is alist of common questions customers may have. Browse through by clicking on the header. If you don’t see your answer here or have additional questions/concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Do you have a price list?

Yes we do! You can download a .pdf of our Print & Canvas Price List as well as our Artist Specials Price List here.

What can I do to have my monitor color and output match your monitor color and output?

We use calibrated monitors and custom made printer profiles to insure the most accurate color possible.  We have an Eizo 27″ self-calibrating monitor as well as two LaCie’s that are calibrated with their own dedicated software and the Blue Eye Pro.


To achieve consistent color so that what you see on your monitor is what you get for output (whether printed by yourself or a company such as ours), you need to have a decent quality monitor which is calibrated with calibration software in conjunction with an external measurement device. Also, if you are making your own prints, it is essential that you use custom printer profiles. We recommend using the profiling services of Booksmart Studio.

Suggested basic monitor calibration settings:

• Gamma-2.2

• 6500 K

• Luminance-80 CD/m2 -100 CD/m2 (depends on monitor and ambient lighting)

For an advanced calibration program such as LaCie’s Blue Eye Pro:

• Blackpoint 0.0 CD/m2

• Chromatic Adaptation (Bradford)

• LUT Profile

• ICC-4

What color space do you recommend?

We generally use

Adobe RGB

, but if you wish to work with


(smaller color gamut) or


(a color gamut which is larger than what printers can actually reproduce), that is not a problem.

We will preserve the working space of your files as they are provided.

How large can you print my image?

The largest size canvas that we print (including white borders for stretching) is

60 in x 100 in


The largest size paper prints that we do are generally

44 in x 100 in

although we do offer prints up to

64 in x 150 in

for clients who will commit to an entire roll worth of media. Keep in mind that the largest size that most framers can dry mount is

48 in x 96 in


How should I prepare my image resolution for wide format printing?

Please leave all upscaling and sharpening of your files to us for best results with oversize wide format output.  Your file should generally be at least 100 pixels per inch at desired output size before upscaling.

What can I do to ensure the longevity of my prints?

Your prints are made with archival ink and media, however, you must take some precautions when displaying or storing your prints.

Lighting Conditions

Direct light is the number one cause of accelerated print deterioration. Try to avoid hanging your prints in an area that receives harsh direct natural or artificial light.

Atmospheric Conditions

Try to keep temperature and humidity changes to a minimum. Extreme heat and humidity will also lead to accelerated deterioration of your prints.

Can I e-mail files to you? Do you have a method for sending large files to you?

Small Files:

If you are working with .JPG that are smaller than 20MB, you may send them as individual e-mail attachment(s).

Large Files:

For larger files, please e-mail me for my direct and links (these are only given to established clients).

Multiple Files:

For orders with a large amount of files, I recommend providing them as a .ZIP file when uploading, or delivering them on a USB drive, CD or DVD.

What do you charge for shipping?

We will only charge you our actual cost for packaging and freight for shipped orders, with a minimum charge of $15.

We generally use UPS, and occasionally will use USPS Priority Mail (especially for shipping to foreign countries).

What are your turnaround times?

General turnaround times for our various services are as follows (allow more time for large quantities):

Photo Paper Prints:

3 working days

Fine-Art Paper Prints:

5 working days

Canvas Prints(w/o stretching):

5 working days

Canvas Prints (with stretching):

7 working days (But we try our best to have them within 10 working days.)

Flatbed Scanning:

5 working days

Flatbed scanning (with Proofs):

10 working days

Digital capture with proofing:

15 working days

Digital Restoration:

10 working days

*Please note that priority service and turnaround times are given to our established wholesale clients.

What payment methods do your accept?

We accepts the following payment methods:

All Major Credit Cards

Business / Personal Check


(payable to